So how do you know if you are into golf? Here’s a sure sign….

Spend a Sunday, July afternoon in Nashville mowing and weedeating your yard.  Wait until about noon to start. when it’s 95 degrees. Now, stay out in said yard for about three hours.  Be sure to take a few Gatorade breaks.

Now after a few hours…come inside. You’ll notice that your face is flushed and you have a headache.  Take a shower. Face is still flushed, isn’t it?  Yeah, that’s not sunburn.  Headache still there? Check.  A little nauseous? Yep.  All right.  Perfect.  Now, go play golf. 

That was me yesterday. Pretty stupid. I didn’t go to work today because of heat exhaustion. Not from the golf–that was mential exhaustion. But, yeah, I attempted to play 18 at about 3:30, right after about passing out from mowing in the insane heat. Had to leave at the turn…shot a 40 with a crappy double on an easy par 5.

Despite the nauseau and headache, I took away a couple of positives from the nine holes. The awkward 75-80 yard shot is coming back around for me.  Stuck one about a foot with the lob wedge, making the lone birdie of the shortened round. Knocked another one to about 8 feet, but missed that birdie putt.  My chipping still pretty much sucks, which is annoying because that was always the strongest point of my game. Making pretty good contact, but just having trouble gauging the distance. That will come with time.

All right then. Going to possibly buy a driver tomorrow. The Nike Sumo(?) 5000. I’m still learning all the new equipment. I’ve hit this one in-store, but going to hit it on range tomorrow. My 10-year-old Great Big Bertha is a bit dated these days. Still hit it straight as an arrow, but I’m looking to add 15 yards. We’ll see what happens.

So, to sum, don’t play golf while suffering from heat exhaustion. Unless you want to miss work and lay in bed and drink water all day the next day.

Until tomorrow…