So I hit range balls for about two hours yesterday. I can’t even vaguely remember the last time I sat on the range for that long. I’m aging myself here, but it’s probably been ten years at least—back when golf was my job. No, I mean that. I washed carts then played golf all day. Ah, those were the days.

The session was my most productive since last Wednesday’s lesson. I’m still not seeing a big gain in distance, but I’m hoping that will come with time. But I can actually see the pattern of my ball flight changing. Much higher, and the ball tends to jump off my ten-year-old driver. The key has been rotating my weight back to the inside of my right foot. Chris told me I was tending to stay over the ball and really swaying more than rotating, so that adjustment has really helped me make more crisp contact.

I can also feel my hands rotating past my body after contact. Because I was slightly dipping on the downswing, my hands were getting trapped. As I’ve started setting up more upright and trying to keep my upper body from sliding downward with my swing, it has freed up my arms and hands and I can really feel the right hand turning over.  Nice.

I’m playing on Saturday for the first time since the heat exhaustion episode last weekend. Though it might be more useful to slap some range balls around and work on the adjusted swing, we’ll take it out to the course and see how it goes. The high is supposed to be mid-80s here in Nashville this weekend, so that will be swell after the nasty heat and humidity over the last few weeks.