So, maybe you’ll recall my heat exhaustion episode a few weeks ago…a by-product of my newly-found reacquaintance with golf.  That was just a stupid decision on my part.

Now comes this. From late Thursday night through today, I’ve been running a low-grade fever in the 99-100 range. It just won’t go away. No other symptoms. No sore throat. No upset stomach. No cough. Just fever, a headache, and a good bit of fatigue.

So yesterday evening, Katie took me over to the Urgent Care. My fever had been down most of the day but spiked back up to 100, so we left the house at 5:00 and headed out.

The doc seemed a bit stumped by my symptoms. I mean, fever, a headache, fatigue…that could be about 8,000 things. He gave me a list of 6 or 7 possibilities, some more serious than others. The most likely cause, he believed, was some type of bug bite, a mosquito bite, perhaps. Brought on by golf, of course. I guess some type of Rocky Mountain Fever.

My newest foe.

My newest foe.

Katie’s doctor friend thinks it’s more of an aggressive summer virus, which my body has, in turn, aggressively fought to ward off any symptoms other than the fever and fatigue. All of that to say no one really knows what the deal is.

But if the Urgent Care Doc is right, and if a mosquito did cause all this crappiness, I hope I smashed it and it went to its rightful place into the darkened corridors of mosquito hell. Other than our trip to Urgent Care last night, I have not been outside my house since Friday evening.

The doctor told me to miss work until Wednesday, so I was out today and likely won’t be there tomorrow either. I’ve probably slept 14 of the last 24 hours, and seriously considered sleeping the other 10. Though my fever is down today, I still have a mean headache and feel winded when I walk up all of three stairs. 

The plan was to demo three drivers on Saturday. Of course that plan was scrapped. If all goes as planned this weekend, I hope to be back out on the course this coming Saturday or Sunday. No mosquito is going to keep me down.