Golf technology. Holy crap. It’s awesome.

Please excuse my inability to articulate today. I’m still at a loss for words for the utter pounding I placed upon a couple of golf balls at the course yesterday. The 77 was decent, respectable. But the drives. Oh, the drives.

The driver of the gods.

The driver of the gods.

I’m demoing a Ping G10 driver from a local golf store. So I took it to the range on Saturday afternoon and hit it pretty well…definitely noticed a difference between the Ping and my old Bertha.  Nothing overly dramatic, but I could tell I was hitting the ball a bit further.

Now, keep in mind: I am not a long hitter. With my old Callaway, 250-255 yards is an average poke. If I knock it 270, I’m feeling proud.

But then…oh, but then. So I played a round yesterday. The first few holes, I sprayed it a bit—military golf, as they say…right, left, right left.  Then we reached the 8th hole, a 520 yard par 5.

This Ping G10 totally destroyed that little helpless Titleist. When I made contact with the ball, it felt like I was hitting one of the small, plastic whiffle balls. The lightweight, spherical object rocketed off the club face and then just kept going, and going, and going. Then it violently struck the ground and kept rolling, and rolling, and rolling.

Nice, beautiful ball flight. Not too high; not too low. Perfect amount of draw. By the time it was over I had about 210 left to the green, a 310 yard drive. Outside of cart-path-bounce drives, that definitely was  my longest driver, ever. And it felt like it, too. My approach with a 3-iron fell just short (a hybrid is the next purchase) and I made a miserable par. The short game misery continues.

But, who cares about that?  Let’s talk about this driver. I followed up the drive on the 8th hole with a couple of other long knocks, ranging 280-300, and a couple of other wide rights.

We may have a winner on the driver search. I would like to demo a Taylor Made R7, but Jack’s is only carrying the Burner right now because the new R7s, or their equivalent, are coming out soon.And this particular shop is the only place around here I can find that will let you take a club out on the range—so you don’t have to hit the ball in those God-awful simulators.  

I did spray the Ping a bit more than my old club. But I’m thinking that was more from just getting acclimated to a new club. The shaft seemed about right (stiff flex) and the club was a 9 degree loft.

Somebody, particularly any current or former pro golfers reading this blog—you know who you are—tell me…is it worth it to track down an R7 to demo? Any other suggestions?