So, after a hard-fought battle between the Ping G10 and the Titleist D2, I bought a driver today.

Maybe I can convince Corey Pavin to use this driver.

Maybe I can convince Corey Pavin to use this driver.

I discussed my experience with the Ping the other day, but on Wednesday I took a Titleist out to the range and hit it around a little bit. It didn’t seem to pop off the club like the Ping did, and it also ballooned a bit on me. Of course, these could be shaft and loft issues. 

But, bottom line, I just chose to go with my gut. When I hit that massive drive last week, I knew right then I would buy that Ping. I wanted to do my research, so I demoed the Titleist.  I thought about demoing the Taylor Made and the Callaway. But the G10 was the first love. So I bought it today on my lunch break. Nine degree; stiff shaft. It’s a winner.

I’ll be breaking it in tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, going to make it to play 18 early tomorrow afternoon after the Georgia game. Tomorrow’s goal with the new driver: 9 fairways. 11 greens. We’ll see what happens.

Play on…