My driver is new. But the putter is old, old school.

My driver is new. But the putter is old, old school.

Crazy round the other day. It was one of those afternoons when I realize why I’m an amateur golfer.

Six birdies. Four bogeys. Eight pars.  A round of 70, my low since I started playing again.  My first round with the Ping G10 was a solid one, though I didn’t hit it near as far–and nothing as spectacular–as I did in the demo round.  I swear they put something in those clubs while you demo them. It’s probably those same people that rig the golf simulators.

So the driver was just okay.   But the putter was on. I love that putter, one of the original Ping Ansers. My brother gave it to me about 20 years ago, and I’ve used it ever since. Made 26 putts in this particular round, while hitting 9 fairways and 11 greens.

My whole round on Saturday just illustrates the screwiness of golf psychology, which I discussed a bit yesterday.  Started the day birdie, bogey, birdie, bogey, before making a string of pars and another birdie for a front nine 35.

It’s kind of like there’s some type of mental block we golfers have.  For me, at least in my past golfing life, when I get around 2 under I start to realize that I’m playing good. So subconciously I’m thinking, okay, time to make a few bogies. Get it back to even.

We all have that comfort zone, don’t we?  Even the pros…I’m sure a 20-year tour pro starts to get feel it a bit when he’s closing in on a 59…even if it’s a casual Sunday round with a few friends.

The first time I ever broke 70, I had to go so low over a nine hole stretch–eight birdies and one bogey–that my choke finish of bogey, bogey on 17 and 18 left me with a 67. In other words, I basically had to play unconscious for a while, going so far past my comfort zone that even when I backed up a bit, I was still well under my nervous floor of 2 under.

It’s a weird sport, this golf.  In the end, you just want to make that “discomfort zone” lower and lower. If you can do that, the days in which you’re just playing average, not necessarily going low, will improve as well, I think.

Hopefully by next year I can drop my own discomfort zone to a shot or two. But I’m just glad to be playing again. In my last couple of rounds, I think I made a total of two birdies, so it was nice to make a birdie barrage like that.

Well, there’s the weekly playing update, if you care. Tune in tomorrow when we take a look at Paul Azinger’s wildcard Ryder Cup selections. Good times.