Game Under Repair is now official. I have my own domain.  If you’re having problems remembering my URL, worry no more.

Yesterday, I purchased So all you need to do is type in that URL and you’re here. No need to worry about the dots and the wordpress and all that other unnecessary nonsense. Rock and roll.

On a related note–and you should find this funny since I claim to be a writing and editing “expert”– is also available. Please notice the missing “e” in the aforementioned URL.

You see, somehow I went through the entire checkout process at without noticing that I had mistakenly typed in an illegible, typo-ridden URL. Yeah, didn’t even realize it until AFTER I plopped down 15 bucks to pay for GAM (that’s right, GAM) Under 

I still claim to be an editor. I still claim to be a writer. Yet I also still claim to be an idiot.

On a positive note, is available at a discounted rate of 10 bucks if you want it.