Justin Leonard drained the most clutch putt in Ryder Cup history. (Image:earwood/Flickr)

FYI, daily readers of Game Under Repair: Part one of my Ryder Cup preview will post early in the morning, with part two coming on Thursday morning.

But I wanted to give a little sneak preview to the magnitude of this incredibly, fabulatastic (I made that up) golf “exhibition”, as Jack Nicklaus would say.

I scoured the internet, You Tube, Google, trying to find the video of Justin Leonard’s amazing putt that clinched the 1999 Ryder Cup. Couldn’t find it anywhere except this Truveo site. My guess is that it was out there at some point and NBC yanked it.

There are ways to get this video on my site, I’m sure. But, to be honest, providing you with 45 seconds of entertainment is not worth an NBC lawsuit. Sorry, friends.

So the best I can do is link to it. Click and enjoy.