I’ve never been to a Ryder Cup. I had the opportunity to go this year, thanks to my friend Bryant (aka Boogie, one of Game Under Repair’s most consistent readers and commenters. We appreciate that.), but, because of prior commitments in Atlanta, I was unable to make the trip up the road to Louisville.

I’ve been to countless SEC football games in my life, and dozens of Atlanta Falcons games back when the Georgia Dome was packed out and Michael Vick was the superstar of the NFL. And I’m telling you, just watching the Ryder Cup on television reminds me of those football games. It’s unbelievable.

Keep in mind that Valhalla hosted 40,000 people over the weekend. And while that may not seem like many compared to a major college football game, when you get 20,000 people lining one fairway and green, then it is LOUD.

And the crazy thing about the Ryder Cup is–instead of 40,000 spread out across the course, as is the case in a major Tour stop, you have them all packed around four groups on four holes, or about eight holes or so during the Sunday matches. We’re talking twenty to thirty deep in some places.

I found this clip on YouTube that really gives me an idea of what it’s like to be there. This is raw video of Anthony Kim’s putt to defeat Sergio Garcia.  Funniest part of the Ryder Cup, Kim was so into the moment that he forgot he won the match and started to walk to the next tee.

But, really, listen to how loud that crowd is. This is really golf at its best. There’s no sporting event quite like the Ryder Cup. None.