Georgia just got the living crap beat out of them.

Coach Richt, retire the black jerseys. It was nice last year. But, apparently the guys thought they could just throw the black jerseys on and win. UGA was not prepared for Alabama. 

Willie Martinez, the UGA defensive coordinator, got abused in the first half. Not since Steve Spurrier and the Florida Gators visited Athens in 1995 have I seen such a beating in Sanford Stadium. God help us.

Don’t let the final score of 41-30 fool you. Alabama owned Georgia. Embarassing.

On the bright side, I did shoot a decent round of 73 this morning. But my 28-17 prediction was a joke. At least Florida lost to Ole Miss. That’s good news. Maybe UGA will get another shot at Bama in the SEC Championship. But after that abysmal showing, it looks like any national title hopes are done.

So much for the perfect man day.