Few long irons needed here. But bring a good putter.

Few long irons needed here. But bring a good putter.

Yesterday was my first visit to McCabe Golf Course here in Nashville. Of the six municipal courses in the city, McCabe is probably the most well kept.

The fairways were well manicured and the greens rolled quick and true. At $36 for 18 holes on a weekend, you just can’t beat this course. Harpeth Hills plays longer and more difficult than McCabe, but their greens have been pretty rough this summer, hairy and spotty in many places.

Though I shot a respectable 73 on the par 70 (north and south nine), the round was nothing to write home about. McCabe is a short track, so I had a lot of wedges and short irons into the green. But I rarely capitalized on the opportunities.

Until the last three holes, my putting just sucked. I now understand why Brandt Snedeker is such an outstanding putter. Growing up playing on this course has to be a boost to the short game. What McCabe lacks in length, it makes up for in the undulation and difficulty of its greens.

It took the large majority of the round for me to figure out the speed and break on the greens. Through the 15th hole, I don’t think I sunk a putt longer than four feet. But I made a 10-footer and about a 30-footer on 16 and 17 to finish with two birdies in the last three holes.

I’ll definitely be back out to McCabe, a solid and very playable course. It’s a nice change up from my current “home course”, Harpeth Hills. Enjoyed playing with Alex, Tom, and Lewis–all very solid golfers, which always makes for an enjoyable round. And, holy crap, the weather was awesome–mid 70s. Just a beautiful day in Nashville.

Gotta take advantage of the unbelievable weather here. Perfect for golf. I plan on playing once a week well into November, getting some much needed practice before returning to amateur play next spring. I have a long way to go to get ready for that.