I'll be here on Saturday...(Image: Jason McCay/Flickr)

The golf game takes a back seat this weekend. I’m returning back to my home state, Georgia, to partake in one of life’s greatest distractions, watching football.

Friday evening, I left Nashville for my parent’s house in Cartersville, Georgia. On Saturday morning, I’ll be leaving Cartersville for God’s country–Athens, Georgia–to attend the Georgia-Tennessee game with my brother in a sold-out Sanford Stadium.


...and here on Sunday. (Image:ucumari/Flickr)

On Sunday, I’ll be in attendance at the supposedly “sold-out” Georgia Dome when the surprising 3-2 Atlanta Falcons host the 3-2 Chicago Bears. Could the Falcons improve to 4-2? Could 8 wins be possible? Playoffs?

When we moved from Atlanta in March, I knew we would miss our friends, my family, and our amazing church…but little did I realize how much I would miss Atlanta sports. I guess I should have known.

Giving up my Atlanta Falcons season tickets–yes, I cheered for them through the misery of the post-Vick era–was no fun. And, certainly, forgoing the two Georgia games that I annually attended was painful as well.

I guess I just figured the Sunday NFL Ticket package and all the televised Georgia games would easily replace attending the games and being in the thick of UGA craziness in Atlanta. But I’m in Vol Land now, enemy territory. Heck, I’m really in Vandy Land these days. Nashville is nuts for the 5-0 Commodores.

I can watch the games from hundreds of miles away, and I can read the articles on the internet, but nothing replaces being there. So this weekend, I’m putting golf on the backburner and cheering like a maniac for two of my favorite teams.

Have a stellar weekend.