Reported in today’s Telegraph Online: The world’s most famous golf course is in danger, if you believe the warnings of climate change experts.


Image: Scottish Nomad/Flickr

In a recent report detailing the effects of climate change on Scotland’s future, Professor Jan Bebbington, the director of the St. Andrews Sustainability Institute, said the old course could be destroyed by storm surges brought on by climate change–unless some type of protection is developed.

Ultimately, the report warns, the course could sink into the sea by 2050. “There is a lot of coastal erosion going on already because of stronger storms,” she said. “I wanted to use something iconic to demonstrate what we stand to lose.”

St. Andrews is definitely an icon in Scotland. So let’s hope these experts are wrong. Or, at the very least, some defenses are put in place.

The Old Course is one of the seven public course I recently listed as must-plays before I die. If Professor Bebbington is right, I have 42 years to get with it.