A few years ago, one of my co-workers had surgery to remove a cyst in her brain. Fortunately, the mass wasn’t cancerous and she fully recovered after a few months off the job. But, an interesting note: she came back with pictures…of the surgery…on her brain…while it was exposed.

TANGENT WARNING: Let me ask you this: If a co-worker who just had brain surgery asks if you want to see pictures, is it polite to turn her down? I’m a nice guy, so I said, “Of course. I’d love to see your pictures.” The following five minutes played out in slow motion. I remember some images of a metal clamp and fluid. To say that I nearly passed out is an understatement. Heroically, I made it through the ghastly photo session.

But, man, brain surgery freaks me out even more these days. The thought of having someone open my skull, stick stuff in it, and close it back up absolutely horrifies me. I’m a wimp when it comes to medical procedures…”white coat syndrome,” so to speak.

So when I put myself in Seve Ballesteros’ place–or really anyone who deals with this every day across the world–my heart goes out to them. The fear, the uncertainty, must be taxing–especially if they don’t have faith in God.

But there’s good news: AP reported that Ballesteros is in stable condition after having a tumor removed yesterday. No word yet on whether the mass is malignant or benign.

Let’s just pray that Seve, like my former co-worker, will fully heal and have the photos to prove it. Get well soon, Seve.