Image: MatthwJ/Flickr

The L.A. Times recently reported that, in a nutshell, Jack Nicklaus thinks the current FedEx Cup playoff system is a bunch of crap.

Says the Golden Bear, “Did they play that this year? I didn’t watch a second of it. Two years in a row, it was basically over before the Tour Championship was even played, and that doesn’t make sense.”

You know you’ve got a B.S. system in place when the game’s greatest ambassador believes it’s a joke. This is what we call a public relations nightmare for the PGA Tour.

“They still have some tweaking to do,” Nicklaus said. “It has a tendency to take away from the rest of the tour events. It’s always, ‘He’s got X-amount of FedEx Cup points.’ A guy doesn’t give a rat about FedEx points, he cares about how he’s playing.”

Let’s hope Commissioner Finchem is listening. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I would love to see the FedEx Cup come down to a 32 man match play tournament at the Tour Championship. I’m sure that will never happen, just like we’ll never have a playoff in college football. But a man can dream, can’t he?