Image: mandj98/Flickr

John Abel lived every golfer’s dream yesterday.

For nine holes, on one of the world’s greatest courses (2008 U.S. Open site, Torrey Pines), Abel had Tiger Woods on his bag. Now most golfers would crap a brick to caddy for El Tigre, but Abel won a contest, sponsored by Buick, to have The Great One caddy for him–on the same course, no less, where just a few months ago Tiger captured one of the most dramatic wins in his legendary career.

Woods wore a green caddies’ bib, drove Abel’s cart, and helped Abel line up putts on Torrey Pines’ glassy greens. Apparently, Woods’ wisdom didn’t help much on the 10th hole; Abel five-putted that sucker. But a 20-foot par putt on the 17th left him and Woods all smiles.

As for Tiger, don’t expect to see him caddying much anymore. He’s able to chip and putt right now, and should be able to begin rotating and making full swings early next year. Hopefully, we’ll see him back playing by the Masters at the latest.

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