Seriously? Tiger’s hurt, golf course development sucks because of the economy, stocks are crumbling, and this is what we’ve come to: cheesy boy band singers endorsing golf clubs.


Callaway hopes Justin will bring sexy back to golf. (Image:Eball19/Flickr)

Justin’s a six handicap. And he recently bought a golf course. I believe he finished second, shooting a 99, behind Tony Romo in that celebrity golf foursome at Torrey Pines right before the U.S. Open. So he’s a legitimate celebrity golfer. Don’t let the 99 fool you. I’m sure most of us single digit handicappers would struggle at Torrey. I would like to think I could hang with Romo’s 84, though, not Timberlake’s 99.

Anyway, I don’t have much to say about this other than I find it odd that a celebrity singer signed a deal with a golf company. But I guess it’s no different than an athlete endorsing a non-sports product. (e.g, Tiger Woods endorsing Buick, or is it Cadillac?, or Peyton Manning endorsing every product in the history of America.)

I think it is a sign of the times, though. I think golf companies are looking for that next surge of new players, similar to what happened following Tiger’s emergence on the scene in 90s.

They’re reaching out to brand-name celebrities, like Timberlake, who have mass appeal outside of the golf world. And let’s be honest, very few golfers have mass appeal. Tiger is the exception.

Yeah, I think Timberlake is cheesy and will forever be synonymous with a boy band. But he’s a decent golfer, apparently. More power to him. As long as Callaway doesn’t put his face on a golf ball or something, we’re fine.