Image: marantzer/Flickr

Small changes coming to Augusta National for next year’s Masters.

AP reports that the legendary course will be ten yards shorter. The back of the first tee was moved up to provide a pathway for the gallery to move between the putting green and the tee box.

Ten yards were also added to the seventh and fifteenth holes, though these additions did not change the official length on the scorecard.

Chairman Billy Payne said the tweaks are about making the course more gallery-friendly in the adverse weather conditions, similar to those experienced over the last few years.

Augusta National also rebuilt the greens on 1, 5, 6, among some other minute changes you can read about here.

January, and the start of the 2009 season, will be here before we know it. From there, it’s just a few months to Augusta and Tiger’s probable return.

Second stage of Q-School begins next week. Just like Game Under Repair covered the first stage, we’ll have plenty to say about the second stage as well.