A couple of weeks ago, John Daly was arrested after passing out drunk in a Hooters parking lot. But that’s not all.

Josh Peter of Yahoo! Sports writes that Daly is now hawking his merchandise in Vegas hotels. Apparently, sponsorship money is drying up (Hooters is all he has left), and his golf game pretty much sucks these days. Apparently, Daly is going broke. The Pete Rose route is all he has left.

All you need to know about John Daly.

All you need to know about John Daly.

For $40, you can get an autographed pin flag. $20 will get you an autographed hat or photo. And for a mere $10, John will sign a golf ball for you.

How sad is that for a man who has won two majors? Somewhere in my mind, I want to see Daly clean up his act, settle down, and take golf seriously again. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be motivated by the current hell he is living in and become more than golf’s equivalent of a circus act sideshow.

It would be a great story. But I don’t think it will happen. Sadly, I think Daly may be past the point of no return. He seems to embrace this stuff–the redneck antics, the drunken cowboy nonsense. And how old is he now? Sad, sad stuff.

Read Josh Peter’s great feature story on Daly’s current life.