Will the Tour Championship actually provide drama at East Lake in 2009? (Image: Vocalpro/Flickr)

The Tour’s version of the crappy BCS just got its latest tweak.

I’ve said many times that the Tour Championship should be a match play format, but looks like that’s not going to happen…at least next year.

In a move to make the Tour Championship more dramatic–a nice idea considering it has been a complete bore the last two years–the PGA Tour has decided to wait until the final tournament (the Tour Championship at East Lake CC) to reset FedEx Cup points. The last two years, points were reset before the final four tournaments.

The idea is that the top performers over the course of the season will have the best chance to win the Cup, but no one in the East Lake field–i.e., the top 30–would be mathematically eliminated.

Let’s hope this spices things up a bit. The Tour needs to find something that works.

Even with Tiger in the field, golf in September loses its luster to the masses because of college football and the NFL. In addition to match play, I think the Tour would do good to drop a few tournaments and end the FedEx Cup portion of the season in late August. But we know that will never happen. Too many sponsors; too much money involved.