Tour player Glen Day and Australian pro James Nitties lead the way at the halfway point of the final stage of Q School. Day and Nitties are -15, with names like Bryce Molder, Jay Williamson, Mark Brooks, and Joe Durant closely trailing.


"Two Gloves" is one shot off the number after shooting a third round 65. (Image: zmaerdstyle/Flickr)

But, let’s be honest, no one really cares about who’s leading at Q School. Everyone wants to know who’s around the dreaded “number”–the top 25. After three rounds, the number is at -10. Big Breaker Tommy “Two Gloves” Gainey fired a 65 today to close within one shot of the mark.

Also, of note, first round leader Craig Kanada has ridden the proverbial roller coaster this week. After an opening 65, Kanada shot 78 yesterday and 68 today to sit two shots off the number. Other names like Guy Boros (-9 T26), Patrick Sheehan (-9 T26), and John Huston (-8 T36) are well within reach of the cutoff.

The PGA Tour website posted an interesting chart that shows how each player in the field qualified for third stage. Some guys are at third stage because they were on the Tour last year, others were exempted to second stage, while some made it through all three stages.

But, talk about a golf gauntlet, there are six guys in the field who actually started this journey at the Q School pre-qualifiers. Pre-qualifiers take place before first stage, and the Tour instituted them because they had too many golf hacks who were plopping down several thousand dollars, shooting 90, and then screwing up the rhythm of the legitimate players. There are still plenty of legitimate players at pre-qualifiers, but most are just guys who played at small college or having little, if any, professional experience.

Of the six guys who started at pre-qualifiers, Martin Piller leads the way at -9, which is T26 and one shot out of the top 25. It wears me out to think about clearing three stages of Q School, much less three stages and a pre-qualifier. Pretty amazing stuff.

The Golf Channel will be broadcasting the final three rounds of Q School: Saturday 4-7 EST; Sunday 4-7 EST; and Monday 3:30 – 7 EST.

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