This photo not representative of Frazar's round. (Image: fouadzabanah/Flickr)

Watch out for Harrison Frazar in 2009.

Dude just threw down at Q School. Over six days, Frazar fired 69-64-72-59-69-67 to finish 32 under, eight shots ahead of his nearest competitor, James Nitties, at Q School’s final and most intimidating, stress-packed stage.

If Frazar can take that kind of game into next year’s Tour season, he could be one of the players to watch. As tough Q School is from a mental standpoint, it’s still just that–a qualifier. Let’s see how Frazar does when he’s once again playing in a standard field Tour players.

Twenty eight players earned their tour card today, including Notah Begay III, Jay Williamson, John Huston, Glen Day, Ted Purdy, Chris Riley and James Oh.

Wil Collins–who made it to the last stage for the first time in seven tries–needed an 18 foot par putt on the final hole to finish -19, exactly on the number. Talk about pressure.

Check out the final leaderboard here.

Other than a couple of tricked up, golfing snooze fests made for television, this is about the last golf tournament of note until next year. The ’09 season can’t get here fast enough.