That's not John Oates; that's Corey Pavin, your 2010 Ryder Cup Captain. (Image: Ted Van Pelt/Flickr)

It’s a big day at Game Under Repair.

Sure, the weather sucks here in Nashville–rainy, cold, windy. No time for golf. But, today, Corey Pavin was introduced as the 2010 Ryder Cup captain. That’s good news.

Pavin is a golfing gold in the halls of Game Under Repair. Like Pavin, I never hit the ball very far, maybe 250 yards average. Like Pavin, I was about 5’7″ and 150 pounds. Subtract about 30 pounds for my playing weight in college.

Since I didn’t hit the ball far, I was always left with long irons and fairway woods into greens. Generally, I missed a lot of greens and would have to make up shots with my chipping and putting.

For about six or seven years after Pavin’s U.S. Open victory at Shinnecock, I carried a 5 wood in my bag–that’s the closest thing I could get to Corey’s epic 4 wood, the club that won that U.S. Open for him on the 18th hole.

So congrats to Corey Pavin for another highlight in a hall-of-fame career. Let’s hope Pavin does just as well a job as Zinger did a few months ago. Zinger laid the template for the U.S. win. Now, all Corey needs to do is follow that strategy.