So Game Under Repair returns from the holiday break. Refreshed, renewed, ready to rock in 2009. I’ve got to admit…a little distracted by other sports over the holidays, mainly the NFL. My Atlanta Falcons made quite a run this year. Tough loss in the playoffs on Saturday, but with Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Coach Smith, the future is bright. But that’s neither here nor there.

Amazingly, the 2009 Tour Season begins on Thursday. Rookies and vets alike will tee it up in Hawaii at the Mercedez Benz Championship. What will the year hold?

For starters, the Great One will return at some point this year. El Tigre has yet to mention when he might come back, but I can’t imagine he’ll miss the Masters. If I had to guess, I’d say Tiger will be ready by March. He’ll play at Bay Hill, possibly the Match Play, though that would be  a tough tournament to make a return.


Methinks Sergio will win that elusive first major in 2009--likely in April. (Image: gallow_chris/Flickr)

Other than that, we’ve got a great 2009 to look forward to. Will Mickelson return to his major form? Will Kim, Villegas, or Garcia pick up that first major? How will Tiger fare after the knee surgery? Will the FedEx Cup be interesting at all this year? Will John Daly make a cut–in Europe? Will Vijay Singh smile? Great stuff.

On a personal note, my game is probably a disaster right now.  Golf-wise, December was a dreadful month here in Nashville. It rained all month. In fact, it’s raining at this moment. So the trend continues in January. I hope to pick up a new hybrid and a three wood before spring. I’m still hoping to qualify for the State Am this year. But I’ve yet to get in the needed 20 rounds to re-establish my handicap.

This year should be a good one. Look for more Chip Shots columns, though probably not weekly since the season is cranking back up. If I establish a new schedule, I’ll let you know. Also, look for a customized design to the site sometime this year. I’m going to hire a graphic designer to put a little more of a golf touch to my blog. Nothing too fancy, but something a little more unique than the current WordPress template.

Well that’ll do it for the first post of 2009. Sorry for the hiatus. But golf is almost back. So expect more soon.