In the latest study that will make news for a day and you’ll never hear from again…

The Ping G10 will jack up your eardrums.

The Ping G10 will jack up your eardrums.

According to the British Medical Journal, as outlined in this article, that loud clank from your titanium driver may be hurting your hearing. And what club is culprit number one? The Ping G10, of course. My driver.

The study says that a golfer who played three times a week with the King Cobra LD titanium driver suffered unexplained hearing loss in his right ear.  From tests, doctors thought it was typical of noise-induced hearing loss.

Docs believe that thin faced titanium drivers can produce enough significant sound to cause temporary, or even permanent, hearing loss in “susceptible” golfers.  Their suggestion? Earplugs. Seriously.

You know how nervous you get on the first tee at a tournament? Yeah, well imagine walking up to the teebox with a couple of earplugs in your ears. Now that will really impress ’em. You’ll be like the kid in little who had to wear the extra, protective helmet. Or those guys in the NBA, like Richard Hamilton, who have to wear the dorky plastic masks to protect their noses.

Earplugs on a golf course. Ha! Wouldn’t that disrupt your feel and the feedback  you get from hitting the sweet spot–or not. Bad idea. I think I’ll just go deaf.

But, really, I find this a bit hard to believe. I think aluminum bats at college games are much more noisy than titanium drivers. So I’d say college baseball players are more prone to become deaf than avid golfers.

Honestly, I don’t find the Ping G10 that noisy. When I was demoing clubs, I found the Nike Sumo driver to be the loudest club I ever hit. So maybe you can get deaf from using that driver three times a week. It sounds like your hitting a garbage can with a baseball bat.

The G10 is much louder than my old Great Big Bertha…but enough to cause hearing loss? Although, my wife does occasionally say I can’t hear. So maybe that explains it.