Golf Digest ranks President Obama #8 on their list of presidential golfers. (Image: yeahboone/Flickr)

Barack Obama, president number 44, was sworn in this morning. According to ESPN, Obama shoots in the mid-90s. Not bad. A few months ago, I posted a video that showed the new president’s swing.

Another cool little article in this month’s Golf Digest about all the presidents.

Word is, JFK was quite a player, averaging 8o with a bad back. He’s listed as number one. Got to question that #7 ranking for Bill Clinton. I’ve seen that swing, and it’s not pretty.

Check out the list.  Of all the presidents, who would you most like to play a round with? I’d would’ve loved a foursome with Obama, Reagan, and JFK.  All charismatic guys.

I’m sure there would be lively discussion, most of which would probably be over my head. But at least I could beat them at golf.