Beware Californians! This man wants to tax your round of golf. (Image: Cine Fanatico/Flickr)


We hate ‘em all: income taxes, state taxes, sales taxes, property taxes. Taxes, in my opinion, are the worst part of government. It makes me nauseous to see the chunk of money the government takes out of my paycheck every week. And when politicians create tax cuts for one group, they piss off the other group.

Taxes suck.

So imagine the joy of golfers in California when they heard that Governor Arnold has proposed to tax golf. That’s right—golf.

Oh, but that’s just part of the fun. In order to stitch a gaping $42 billion budget deficit, the Governator has also proposed taxes on auto care, veterinary care, amusement park and sporting event admissions, and furniture repair.

How much does golf already cost in California? A round of golf at Pebble is around $500. And a tax on top of that? Wow.

Everyone is waiting to see how the current economic climate is going to affect golf. Country club memberships are down and sponsors are rethinking how they allocate their money. Now, at least in California, our beloved game may get taxed.

One more reason to think taxes suck.

Source: Associated Press