It may be awhile before you see this awful swing on The Golf Channel. (Image: Tsar Palpatine/Flickr)

Back in August, I mentioned the upcoming Golf Channel series in which Tiger Woods’ coach, Hank Haney, will undertake the overwhelming task of fixing Charles Barkley’s horrifying golf swing.

Well, as most people have probably read by now, Sir Charles was arrested for DUI last month and, consequently, given a leave of absence from his studio job on TNT’s NBA broadcasts. T-Mobile has also dropped Barkley as spokesman, and pulled all the great ads featuring him and Dwayne Wade.

According to John Hawkins’ article in Golf Digest, five of the eight episodes of the Golf Channel show had already been filmed. But no word on when the remaining three will film, or how Barkley’s antics will affect the start date of the show.

I’m assuming it’s been temporarily suspended, since they wouldn’t start the show until all eight episodes have been filmed. And who knows when that will be, considering Barkley’s current situation.

Sad situation. Barkley’s always been known for his drinking and gambling, and it looks like his overindulgence finally caught up with him. I’m guessing he has more urgent issues to address right now than fixing his golf swing.

But let’s hope the Round Mound of Rebound gets this messed sorted out soon. He’s a refreshing presence on TV. I get the feeling most sports  “analysts” and studio talking heads say stupid crap just to get a reaction. But when Barkley says stupid crap–and he sometimes does–he genuinely believes it.

The guy is just good television. I think this Golf Channel show would be an instant hit and encouragement for all the hackers out there who think they have awful swings. Good luck to Charles getting his life straightened out.