If you’re into golf history at all, this documentary is worth taking a look at. I’m definitely going to add this to the DVR recording list.

Uneven Fairways takes a look at the history of African-Americans in golf. Everyone knows about Tiger Woods, but what about Ted Rhodes?

Rhodes competed in the United Golf Association–the African-American tour that competed before the PGA dropped it’s segregation stance in 1961.  Basically, the United Golf Association was the equivalent of the Negro Leagues in baseball.

According to Pete McDaniel, who authored the book which is the basis for Uneven Fairways, Rhodes is the best African American golfer before Tiger Woods. And that’s saying something when you consider players like Charlie Sifford, Calvin Peete, and Jim Dent.

Uneven Fairways will show old video of Rhodes, plus an in-depth look at golf’s segregated past. Should be good stuff.