Corey Pavin has lifetime posting privileges at Game Under Repair. He's yet to take advantage. (Image: Ted Van Pelt/Flickr)

So my blog traffic has tripled in the last week. It’s been going up steadily; I would say because it’s spring, and more people are googling golf-related subjects. So I’ve been getting a lot of traffic that way.

But I also joined Facebook–perhaps the last person in the northern hemisphere to do so–and that’s definitely increased traffic as well.

I thought I’d link to a few older posts here to give newcomers a feel for the blog. Game Under Repair has been rockin’ since last summer. And, though, the posts have slowed down during the winter, I fully intend to crank this baby up in the coming weeks and months.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite posts since launching this blog in July. These might not be the most visited posts, or the most commented on posts, but they are my faves.

  • Play On. My first blog post.
  • Golf Psychology for the Cynical Perfectionist. For golfers who see the glass half empty.
  • Corey Pavin: 2010 Ryder Cup Captain. Reason to celebrate.
  • Diaries of A Cart Guy. Tip your friendly cart guy!
  • Six Birdies…and a 70? This is why I’m a lifetime amateur golfer.
  • Balancing Golf and Life. Is it possible to manage a 40 hour work schedule and still be good at this game?
  • The Fraudulence of the Indoor Golf Simulator. Don’t trust these machines. They suck.
  • Should the Tour season be shortened? Find out what I think.  
  • Bad Weather Golf. I’m not a great player in the elements, but who is?
  • Chip Shots, Third Edition (The Kurt Vonnegut Edition). A sampling of my offseason Chip Shots column. Kurt Vonnegut gets involved.
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