Not much of an episode tonight on The Haney Project, in my opinion.

A little bit of golf. A lot of filler.

Chuck's horrid swing keeps getting better.

Chuck's horrid swing keeps getting better.

We learned Chuck has been boxing to lose weight. We learned that he wants to beat down Dave the Bartender on the golf course.  We also learned that Barkley’s dismal golf game has caused His Airness, Michael Jordan, to take a pass on playing with Barkley.

There was a few minutes of golf-related video tonight. Barkley’s swing is definitely improving. Even though producers make edits to show just the best and the worst, it’s obvious that Chuck’s best swings right now are miles ahead of where he was before last week’s episode.

Flatten the swing. That’s his key. And he hits thousands of golf balls, Hank Haney watching, practicing on that swing plane.

So there you have it. Your unoffical recap of episode two. Not much to watch this week. A bit of letdown after last week’s great premiere.

It’s late. I’m out.