Disclaimer: I’ve been out of the house today from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. I have a headache, and I need to go to bed. I have no idea if the following post will make sense, so work with me.

David Feherty loves Chuck's new swing.

David Feherty loves Chuck's new swing. (Image: jewishfam/Flickr)

Great episode of the Haney Project tonight.

If Hank Haney ever needed business–and as Tiger Woods’ coach, I’m guessing he doesn’t–then tonight’s episode would make him a rich man.

Charles Barkley’s golf swing looks worlds apart from where he was two weeks ago. Amazing improvement. Chuck was even getting a bit cocky: “I can go from basketcase to cocky in about 0 to 60,” he said.

Barkley took to the course and reverted to some of his old ways. But that was expected, according to Hank Haney. There’s still some head movement, he still makes that awkward hitch in his swing at times. But the swing is markedly better. His swing keeps getting flatter and flatter, which is exactly what Haney wants.

David Feherty, Tommy Armour III, and Brett Hull were a few of the celebrities who made cameos in this week’s episode. All were shocked by how far Charles has come.

On to episode four next week. Looks like Chuck’s co-hosts on the NBA show at TNT will be involved. Should be a good one.