mccabeSpring is in the air. It’s time to play golf again.

After a few months off the course, I returned to the links on Saturday. Surprisingly, I played well, firing a 70 with five birdies. Granted, the course I played at—McCabe Golf Course here in Nashville—is about 6,100 yards from the tips.

But I’ll take what I can get. Good putting is good putting, and I did make quite a few with the flat stick. But the game is still under repair, for sure.

Maybe the 70 shouldn’t be that surprising. I always play better when I don’t have expectations. Come August, I’ll probably be shooting 80 with 5 or 6 bogeys, simply because I expect to play well in the summer.

Doesn’t that always happen? As soon as we set expectations, crappiness sets in. The less likely I am to care, or the more laid back I am about a round, the better I usually play.

This weekend, I’m playing in an 18 hole charity tournament. Interesting format: six holes of scramble, six holes of best ball, and six holes of alternate shot. Hopefully, the putter will still be on fire Sunday. If not, at least I’ll have my partner to pick me up.

On a side note, I’m in the market for a hybrid. I’ll post about that soon.