In tonight’s episode, Hank Haney was asked: How many golf balls does it take to break a habit?

To which he answered: “I don’t know. We are about to find out.”

The range ball is Charles Barkley's best friend.

The range ball is Charles Barkley's best friend. (Image: Ken Quixote/Flickr)

So is the problem which Haney faces–fixing Charles Barkley’s swing. It’s astonishing how different Charles’ swing is on the range…smooth, seamless, not bad at all.

But when he takes it to the course, like he did again tonight, all hell breaks loose. The hitch returns, he looses the flat angle, and he sprays horrid golf shots all over the course.

Tonight Haney commented that he’d like to have Barkley further along by now. It’s three months into their training together. Chuck’s doing well, but old habits die hard–and that hitch just doesn’t want to go away.

Haney incorporated an interesting drill to help Barkley keep his head still. While he swung the club, Chuck looked straight ahead at Hank standing across from him. This took away Chuck’s focus on the ball, and let him just swing the club. The hitch disappeared.

Hank explained that it’s the same type of technique they use for golfers who have the yips with the putter. They take the ball away, focus on the stroke, and then slowly incorporate the ball back into the picture.

Hank was doing the same thing with Barkley tonight, except this drill was used in the form of the full swing, not a putting stroke.

Good episode tonight. The question remains, though: Will Hank Haney be able to fix Charles Barkley’s swing? Chuck is getting there, but the new swing has yet to click. We’ll keep watching.