Brutal Weather

Last week, the wife and I visited my brother and his family in Boise, Idaho. Now, Boise is an incredibly beautiful city, located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Snowcapped mountains line downtown, and the weather this time of year is quite…unpredictable.

Last Friday, my brother Tim and I headed out to Falcon Crest golf course in Boise to play a round. With the temperature at about 35 degrees, I expected a difficult day, as I don’t generally enjoy cold weather golf. But the temperature was nothing compared to the wind. The wind, oh the freaking wind.

A 35 degree temperature is one thing. But winds of 30 mph coupled with a 35 degree temperature is freaking near unplayable. My ears, nose, finger tips, and toes cringed with every gust of wind. It was brutal.


Considering the elements, this was one of my better approach shots. Ever. (Image: Robert Bruce)

Our 18 hole round was cut short after 9 holes. Amazingly, I somehow managed to shoot a 38 in the harsh elements. The highlight of my shortened round was a downhill 184 yard par 3 with a green surrounded by bunkers. As we stepped to the tee, the wind was swiftly moving left to right, at what seemed like a speed of around 30 mph.

I aimed at a trap left of the green with my 4 iron. Crisp contact. The wind took the ball, producing the harsh left to right trajectory of a banana slice, and the Titleist landed about 6 feet short of the pin. I drained the birdie putt, and gladly accepted a 2 on one of the more difficult holes, considering the conditions, I’ve ever played.

Brutally Rude Club Pro

Besides the weather, the downside of the round was the idiots in the pro shop at Falcon Crest golf course in Boise. Now, like most golf courses, Falcon Crest doesn’t offer refunds on rounds of golf, only rain checks. That’s understandable. But most golf pros use common sense. Our friends at Falcon Crest? Not so much.

The pro refused to refund my money for the second nine, even though I lived on the other side of the country and would likely never play his golf course again. In fact, he wouldn’t even speak with me and my brother, leaving the grunt work to the apologetic cash register guy who told us the register didn’t have a “9 hole refund button”. Wow.

Most club professionals have common sense, and at least understand the basics of customer service. I used to work for an incredible club pro who went out of his way to work with club members and guests. But this guy? No way. He gladly kept my 26 dollars for the back nine without providing a sensible alternative. A rain check for someone who lives 2,000 miles away? Give me a break.

I’ve never used my blog to bash a golf course. That’s generally not my style. But this guy’s lack of service was so egregious I can’t help myself.

On to Masters Week!