My swing currently feels about like this guy's. Slightly less lower body movement, though. (Image: rowan barrett/Flickr)

Friday was one of those days.

Every now and then, I will have an unexplainably horrendous round of golf—the type of round that drives a decent golfer like myself crazy.

I really can’t explain it. The weather was beautiful at Amelia Island Golf Club—the course where I began enjoying the game again last year. Warm sun. Light breeze.

Amelia Golf Club is not that difficult from the back tees, measuring around 6600 yards with several short par fives. I don’t think the problems resulted from a lack of practice, as I’ve been practicing a couple of times a week lately, though I’ve spent more time on the range than on the course.

Whatever the reason, my golf game frighteningly sucked on Friday. I started with bogey-bogey and never recovered. Even the shots I struck solidly seem to somehow travel ten yards too far, trickle over the green, and settle in hardpan at the bottom of a hill behind the dance floor.

After a front nine 46, I decided I would shoot 36 on the back nine and make a terrible round merely bad. But no such luck. Nothing worked. Finally, after duck hooking my drive on 15, I decided to enjoy myself, quit worrying about my score, and play the last few holes in at even par. That didn’t work either.

Good lord, friends. This was a horrible day at the golf course. Considering that I plan on playing in a few local amateur tournaments this summer, let’s hope this 88ish round was a mere aberration and not an indication that my golf swing has the swine flu.

I’ll find out for sure this evening when I play nine holes. Later this week, I’ll also visiting a little par three course around the corner to try and figure out what the crap is going on with my new 56 degree Cleveland, which is producing less distance and more spin than I am accustomed to.

The golfing roller coaster continues.