Image: mandj98/Flickr

Alexander Cejka will play in the final pairing tomorrow at TPC Sawgrass with one, Mr. Tiger Woods.

Is a five shot lead enough? Considering how erratic Woods has been, the rationale mind would think Cejka should have this one. But this is Tiger Woods, and, even though Tiger has been all over the map, his third round 70 puts him right behind Cejka.

On a day when most golfers seemed happy to shoot even par, Woods poked it around the course and now finds himself in the final pairing. Cejka has never won a PGA Tour tournament, and he’ll have to overcome the pressure of playing with Woods–and the throng of fans who will inevitably be supporting Tiger–to win this one.

 The Tour is always more entertaining with Tiger in the final pairing. Let’s see how Cejka handles the spotlight tomorrow at Sawgrass. It should be a fun Sunday of golf.