par 3

The tightest 95-yard par 3 in the history of golf. (Image: Robert Bruce's iPhone)

Ever since I returned to golf last year, my wedge game has sucked.

In my past life, I was fairly decent from one hundred yards in, and even better around the greens. The 60 degree wedge was once my favorite club.

But things are different these days.

I headed out to a nearby par three course to work on my hundred yard shot. The nine hole course is a bit more than a pitch and putt, with holes ranging from 80 yards to about 175 yards.

The brief nine holes, which took a little over an hour to complete, was actually quite beneficial. I played two balls and practiced on a lot of shots that have been giving me trouble lately: longer pitches, flop shots, even one-hundred yard straight-away shots.

The highlight of the round was the tightest 95-yard par three you have ever seen (see photo). After placing my first ball about 30 feet right of the hole, I played a knockdown 56 degree wedge—under the trees and over the bunker—and managed to cozy the ball up to about three feet. But second shots are always better.

Anyway, I’ve always stayed away from par three courses for some reason. But yesterday helped me see that a day at the ole’ par three is actually not a bad idea, especially if you are struggling with your short game.