Travis Fulton over at currently has a solid feature on Rory Sabbatini’s swing.

I’m not a Sabbatini fan. I think he’s an obnoxious jerk, actually.


Rory takes the club well past parallel on his backswing. (Image: dmader50/Flickr)

But he’s got an interesting swing that creates a lot of lag. As Fulton says, Rory’s backswing is not one you want to imitate because he takes the club well past parallel, but his downswing illustrates why he’s won five events on Tour, including last week’s Crowne Plaza Invitational. He’s able to compensate for the long backswing quite well.

You create lag when the clubhead trails the hands during the swing. The more lag you create, the more power you generate. Ben Hogan’s swing had an incredible amount of lag. For me, it’s always been a problem, and that’s why I’ve never been a long hitter.

I won’t go through Fulton’s analysis of Rory’s swing. You can check that out here. Suffice to say, Rory has a powerful swing. But he’ll never be Tiger Woods, though he sometimes thinks he’s capable.