harbour town

Harbour Town's first tee. (Image: Robert Bruce's iPhone)

Last month, my wife and I took a trip to meet some friends in Hilton Head—the home of one of the PGA Tour’s most well-known courses, Harbour Town.

Since we were there for just a few days, I didn’t get the chance to play a round on one of Hilton Head’s gazillion courses. Most of my time was spent on the beach, playing bocce ball—a game I’ve discovered that I suck at thanks to Josh and Marc—or eating, and eating, and eating.

A couple of friends and I did make it over to Harbour Town, just to check it out. I stood on the first tee—see photo—and imagined a beautiful fade landing on the left center of the first fairway. Maybe next time I’ll actually play the course.

Standing on the first tee at Harbour Town reminded me of all the courses I still want to visit. Pebble, St. Andrews, Bethpage—just a few of the tracks on my golf course bucket list that I listed last year. I’ve made zero progress on that list.

Maybe it’s time to take action. Problem is, scoring a tee time at some of these courses is as difficult as finding one sunflower seed in a tossed salad. You’ve just got to plan ahead.

So I need a goal. Sometime in the next two years, I’m going to play one of the courses on my bucket list. Which one? I have no idea. But, if this blog is still kicking, I’ll report it here first.

Thanks, Harbour Town.