Stewart Cink fans—and apparently there are hundreds of thousands of them on Twitter—are probably upset this week because Cink’s win at the British Open seemed overshadowed by the Tom Watson story.

Well, think again Stewart Cink fans. The only thing that overshadowed Stew’s performance at Turnberry was the God-awful neon green Nike shirt and hat he wore on Sunday.


Stewart looks much better sans neon green. (Image: atlas138/Flickr)

Let’s think about this: Cink entered Sunday in contention. Was he likely to win? Probably not, but he was in the mix, and there was a good chance he would get some quality face time on the television broadcast.

Now, if he does win—which he did—his Sunday wardrobe selection will be seen for years to come. From now until birds rule the world, Stewart Cink’s neon green shirt and hat will be seen any time anyone shows any footage of the 2009 British Open.

Considering the unique Tom Watson story in this year’s Open, this tournament is going to be getting a lot of play for a long, long time. And every single time this tournament gets mentioned, you will see that green shirt.

So, the question is: Why, Stewart? Why must you wear a color scheme that looks like a reject from the Nike “Bo Knows” ads in the early 90s? Why? As a perennial major contender, as a British Open champion, can’t you give us something better than neon green?

As the reflection of Stewart’s hideous neon green shirt glimmered off the Firth of Clyde on Sunday, Old Tom Morris probably rolled over in his St. Andrews grave.

Please, Stewart, think about that Sunday wardrobe selection next year. Future generations will thank you.

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