Thanks to the four of you who have frequented my blog over the last year.

Actually, this has been more successful than I thought it would be. I’m not much of a self-marketer, but the blog has managed to bring in nearly 14,000 hits in the first year—not including my own visits.

For someone who expected about 10 page views a day—all from family and friends—I guess that’s not too terribly bad. But my purpose in writing this blog wasn’t  to attract visitors; my purpose was to write about a game I love.

This is post number 175 since my first post.  I really have no idea how long I will keep this up, but I still enjoy it for now. I’m not sure what year two holds.

In three weeks, I’ll embark on my first competitive golf tournament in about ten years—all while training for a half marathon. It’s just a weekend tournament, but, nonetheless, it’s competitive golf and I’ve always enjoyed that.

I have plenty of pet peeves to still write about. And perhaps I’ll bring back the Chip Shots column in the off-season. Besides all that, we’re still waiting on Tiger to win that first major of 2009. Will it happen at the PGA Championship? We’ll see.

Thanks for checking out Game Under Repair. Keep coming back.