More proof that Canadian Geese are the most annoying birds on the planet. (Image: Bahman Farzad/Flickr)

I grew up playing a course that was home to a family of Canadian Geese. The geese would poop on the greens, poop in the bunkers, poop on the fairways, and rough up any well-manicured section of the course. So when I read this small piece of news yesterday, I smiled.

The Rochester, Indiana City Council recently approved a measure that would allow goose hunting on the Round Barn Golf Club in Rochester. According the golf pro, about 1,000 Canadian Geese hang out at the course over the winter, causing turf damage and health hazards.

When air horns and starter pistols didn’t work, the golf club took the next logical step: hunting. The approved hunts will include five people and take place when the course is closed.

I’m not a hunter, but if Canadian Geese invade Nashville, I may be the first in line to buy a gun. They are, without question, some of the most annoying birds in the world. The birds poop everywhere and leave footprints wherever they walk.

Happy hunting to the folks at Round Barn Golf Club!

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