ryan mooreWatching the final round of yesterday’s Wyndham Championship, I was struck by two things about eventual winner Ryan Moore:

1) Moore has no sponsors–and that’s his choice. If you have a card on the Tour, you have a sponsor of some sort. But Moore purposefully chose to play the 2009 season without sponsors. His blank shirt and hat is actually quite refreshing in today’s world of corporate-saturated sports.

As one of golf’s most acclaimed amateurs for many years, Moore has given up tens of thousands of dollars by forgoing a sponsor. Yesterday’s win, alone, would have given him quite a supplemental paycheck from a sponsor.

Moore told the Golf Channel, “It’s not that I’m not interested in signing a deal with somebody… but for me, it was just re-identifying myself, who I am as a golfer.” I have no problem with the guys who have sponsors. If I were in their position, I would do the same thing. But Moore is a refreshing break. And I admire him for taking this stand, even if it just turns out to be for a season.


Ryan Moore (far left) in his days as Coldplay member. (Image: kavita41/Flickr)

2) Ryan Moore looks like a drummer in a rock band. Living in Nashville, I know Ryan Moore’s look. I see it every day. The guy totally looks like a drummer in a Christian band–maybe even a Coldplay. If Chris Tomlin or downhere ever need a new drummer, I’m sure he’ll look like Ryan Moore.

Moore looks like a dude you would see on a public course. You see the way this guy looks and think, “Oh crap, gotta play behind this dude all day. Wonderful.” Then he pumps one about 325 down the middle.

Ryan Moore doesn’t look like a golfer, but he freaking sure plays like one.