Image: scubaeddie32/Flickr

Woods picked up his sixth win on Tour this past weekend, reclaiming the top spot in the Fed Ex Playoffs with one tournament left to play, next weekend’s Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta.

So much for my Steve Stricker hype last week, huh? But don’t count Stricker out yet. He could very easily win next weekend. But if Woods is on his game again, I’m not sure that anyone has a chance.

I’m always amazed at the alarmists who claim Tiger is in a slump, his skills are declining, or he’s “not into it” anymore, simply because he has an off-week of putting or ball-striking. Are you kidding me?

The guy has won six tournaments this year! That’s a great career for most Tour pros, but it’s a six-month stretch for Tiger. Six wins! As good as he is, even Tiger can’t win every major.

Tiger Woods will miss putts. He will mis-hit shots. He will have bad tournaments. But all that means is that the guy is human—just like Michael Jordan when he had 16 point games, Albert Pujols when he has 0-for-5ers, and Brett Favre when he throws 3 interceptions. Wait a minute, Favre does that all the time.

But I digress. The point is that every other Tour pro would kill to have “off days” like Tiger Woods—you know, those terrible second and third-place finishes. The sports talk radio guys, the “controversial” journalists—these are the idiots who run their mouths about Tiger slumps whenever he misses one five-foot putt.

Six wins in one season? Wow. What a year.