Thanks to the NFL, the Tour Championship will probably have slim ratings.

Will you be watching?

Despite immense rain and flooding in Atlanta during the last week, the Tour Championship at East Lake is expected to carry on.  Though the PGA Tour has done a lot to make this event more dramatic–even tweaking the Fed Ex Cup points to avoid a situation like last year’s Tour Championship–I’m not sensing a lot of buzz around this event.

The problem being, as I will discuss in an upcoming blog post for the Armchair Golf Blog, is that the PGA Tour has an identity issue. The Tour Championship is supposed to be “the big one,” but it’s stuck in the middle of college and professional football—the top two draws in the American sporting world.

Even so, there should be plenty of drama: Woods, Stricker, Furyk, Zach Johnson, Slocum will win the Fed Ex Playoffs if they win this event. Countless others also have slimmer chances of winning—but chances nonetheless.

I’ll watch this Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but I won’t be tuned in to the Tour Championship like I would if it had occurred a month ago.

The PGA Tour season needs a swift kick in the butt. More to come.

I’ve talked about this topic before: