golf party

Stay away from wedding groups that look like this on the golf course. (Image: AMetomorphosis/Flickr)

Nothing irks me more than a drunk person on a golf course. The only thing worse is 15 drunk twenty-something hackers on a golf course the day before a wedding.

The Friday golf outing before a wedding has become–in some circles– as much a part of the wedding weekend as the rehearsal dinner and reception.

It’s a great idea: The groom takes all of his groomsmen, plus a few other friends and family members, out for an eighteen-hole round on the day before the wedding. The point, of course, is to have a little fun and get his mind off the life-changing event less than 24 hours away.

But here’s the problem. Within this group of a dozen or so testosterone-filled males, you might have one or two guys who actually know a minimal amount of golf etiquette. The rest of this crew is like a bunch of Gomer Pyles in a five star restaurant—totally out of their element.  Usually, this golf outing takes place on a fairly nice, pricey golf course. The result? Fifteen drunk guys on a $100 dollar a round track.

Case in point: A few weeks ago, my father-in-law was playing on a course in Florida. It was just a nice, casual round with a relative.

On the first tee, the cart girl was practically attacked by several guys looking to load up on Jack and Jim. Within a few holes, the guys were driving over tee boxes, spinning out in fairways, and literally ramming carts into trees. Redneck alert! By hole 12, the group was thrown off the course—and hopefully banned from playing there in the future.

If you’re on a goat track public course, then go for it. Party away. But if you’re on an extremely nice course—and, in this case, next to an extremely nice hotel—then have some common decency.

As I’ve said, very few things piss me off more than drunk people on the golf course. I encountered plenty of these fellows when I worked as a cart guy during college. I’m not a fan.

So, I’ll admit, the first six golf pet peeves just annoy me. This one makes me downright angry. A round of golf takes an investment of time and money. Nothing can make you feel like you wasted that time and money than a bunch of wedding party drunks. At least save the shenanigans for Saturday night.

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