Back to golf.

On Friday, the International Olympic Committee will announce whether or not golf will become an Olympic sport in the 2016 Games in Brazil.

brazil olympics

Brazilians expected to party for weeks if golf is included in the 2016 games. (Image: Pan American News/Flickr)

Basically, IOC voting members need to believe that golf’s top players will compete in the Olympics. These guys won’t approve golf if they believe the Olympics will be second fiddle to The Masters or British Open.

Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington have already committed to playing—assuming neither is retired in 9 years.

Under the current proposal, 60 golfers would compete in the men’s and women’s tournaments. The top 15 in the world would automatically qualify. Just sounds like another tournament to me. Why not make this match play. I loves me some match play.

Apparently, there’s also an argument out there that the game is too “elitist” to be included in the Summer Olympics. Hogwash, I say. If the Olympics don’t mind including the equestrian—complete with athletes in top hats and fancy pants—then I think golf is the furthest thing from “elitist.”

Golf is an extremely accessible sport, and that should not stop it from being included in the 2016 Games. If Tiger’s in, why not?