We’ve all had bad days on the golf course.

Maybe a case of the yips, the duck hooks, or a slow foursome in front.


Image: William A Franklin/Flickr

But a 70-year-old gentleman in Beaufort, South Carolina had a really bad day last week. While trying to retrieve his golf ball from a pond, an alligator pulled the man into the water and ripped off his arm in the ensuing struggle.

The man’s playing partners were able to free him from the gator. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors hoped to reattach his arm on Friday.

After multiple attempts to get updates on this story, I’ve been unable to find out if the doctors were successful and the gentleman is currently fairing.

This story is just a reminder that golf courses are a part of nature…and in these environments exist wild animals–and reptiles–that may not be too friendly. Watch where you step.

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