Welcome to Game Under Repair’s yearly nugget of news about the LPGA Tour.

Life isn’t so good on the LPGA.

With the economy continuing to suck, corporations are choosing their sponsorships more prudently. Apparently, professional women’s golf isn’t high on the list.

This week, new LPGA Commissioner Marty Evens announced that the LPGA Tour would be cutting back its slate of events in 2010. The 24 scheduled events are three less than the total number in 2009 and mark the least amount of events on the LPGA Tour in 40 years.

Of the 24 events, only 13 will be hosted in the U.S., with the season opening in February in Thailand and Singapore.

If the LPGA wants to drum up more corporate support in the States, then hosting 11 events overseas might not be a good plan. But my guess is that the LPGA is pretty desperate right now, and an official event in Singapore is better than no event at all.

Join me again sometime in November 2010 for my next update on the goings-on of the LPGA Tour.